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sorry I am," Lord Ravenspur murmured. "This is a most extraordinary business altoget


her. You say that Louis left you not later than twelve o'clock to go as far as Fitzjohn Square, and that, when he left the Grand H


otel, he had no other object in his mind. You are quite sure of this?" "I am absolutely certain," Mrs. Delahay replied. "Wel


l, that is a strange thing," Ravenspur went on. "It so happens that I had an accident to my own studio a day or two ago, and until


yesterday the workmen were in repairing the glass roof. I was engaged upon a small work which I was anxious to finish, and it occ

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urred to me that I might just as well make use of your husband's studio, seeing that


he was away from home and did not

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require it. I obtained a duplicat

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e key from the house agent, and al

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l yesterday I was working on my pi

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cture there. In fact it is in Louis' studio at the present moment. After some friend

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s who were dining with me last night left, I walked as far as Fitzjohn Square, and t

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    ill nearly a quarter past one this morning I was at work there. I might have gone on all night, only the electric

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    light failed suddenly, and I was left in darkness. Then I came home and went to bed. And I am prep

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    ared to swear that it had turned half-past one before I left your house, and there was no sign o

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    f Louis up to that time." "It is inexplicable," the wom

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    an said wearily. "When I try to think my brain seems to tu

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    rn to water, and everything goes misty before my eyes. I f

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eel like a woman who has had no sleep for years. I feel as if I must get something to relieve this terrible pressure on my brain. Is there nothing that you can suggest?" "I think so," Ravenspur said quietly. "I am going

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to take you back to your hotel, and call for a doctor on the way. You cannot go on

one." "I wish I could tell you how
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